A family that grows every day

14 years in completing families, 14 years in delivering God’s creation with science and humanity, 14 years in making moms and dads… BIRTH has come a long way. The journey has been quite eventful yet challenging. It is an exuberant moment for all of us that today we stand strong as a family that grows every day. Each day we strive towards doing better in fulfilling the dreams of our patients; the dream of having children. We believe home is where the heart is and heart is where the family is. It is a natural instinct to hope for a complete family as having somewhere to go is home, having someone to love is family. And having both is a blessing. It has not been plain sailing giving birth to 7,000 healthy babies; but we have found ‘home’ every time. We are fortunate to have all of you as members of our ever growing family.


We have a bigger home to go, a bigger family to love


It has not been an easy ride gaining trust of all 1,20,000 patients, but we have done it


we are looking forward to welcome more new members to the BIRTH family

Sir, I will be forever grateful to you. Without the continuous support of you and your team, I would have not been able to become a mother. God bless you Sir.

Payel Dey

Thanks to the BIRTH Team and Dr Gautam Khastgir, I was blessed with a baby girl. During my pregnancy, the BIRTH team was always accessible over phone and mails. My pregnancy journey was very smooth and I was able to continue my office till 9 months, without the support and guidance of the BIRTH team, this would not have been possible.

Ananya Banerjee

Sir, by your grace, our twin babies came into the world on 11th October, 2019. This was possible only because of you. Thank you so much Sir. Kindly shower your blessings on our son and daughter. We love you Sir.

Farhin Sultana

I have received the most valuable gift of my life from BIRTH, they have always supported me. My daughter was born on 2016. I would like to thank the whole team of BIRTH from the core of my heart. Without their support, this beautiful day would never have come to my life. I will remain forever grateful to you and your team Sir.

Kuhu Aradhya

This will forever be the best photo of my life. They say you can’t see God with your eyes, but we were fortunate enough to have seen you. We will remain forever grateful to you Sir. Kindly bless them so they can be a good human being like you. We will soon visit your clinic with our twin son and daughter.

Pallabi Saha

Sir, thanks to your support and guidance, I was blessed with a beautiful baby boy. We have named him Kairav Saha. My husband and I will remain forever grateful to you and team BIRTH.

Tiya Saha

You treated both of us, myself and my sister, in the same month, both conceived in their first attempt together and even delivered on the same week, only two days apart. Please bless our two beautiful princesses!!! Thank you very much BIRTH and Dr Gautam Khastgir.

Alpana Goswami and Anuradha Goswami

Dr Khastgir is not just a fantastic doctor, he also happens to be a good, caring, considerate and kind human being. If anyone asks me where to go regarding infertility issues, I would recommend BIRTH without thinking twice. Thank you Dr Khastgir for doing my hysterectomy and oopherectomy with utmost care. May God bless you always Sir.

Bhavna Adiani Jaya Ramnani

Respected Sir, we went to your clinic and successfully undergone IVF on 28th February, 2018. After the Beta HCG report was positive, we came back to Dhaka, Bangladesh and as per your instruction were under the supervision of Dr Mrinal Kumar Sarkar for follow-ups at Apollo Hospital, Dhaka. You will be glad to know, after 13 long years of struggle, we were blessed with a baby boy on 5th November, 2018. All of this would not have been possible without your and Team BIRTH’s support. I will remain forever indebted to you. I will come to BIRTH along with my baby to come and meet you.

Afsana Ferdous and Md. Mohsin Ali Miyan

Sir, thanks to your medical advice and guidance, myself and my wife Raisha, were blessed with twin baby boys – Meghan and Mayukh, on 8th March, 2020. We visited your clinic on February, 2019 and you made us believe that everything is OK with us and we will be parents soon. With yours and Almighty's blessings, we are parents now. Words are falling short Sir. Thank you once again. Do bless us and our babies.

Amit Guha

Sir, thanks to you and the entire BIRTH team, my twin boys, Arish and Arin, were born on 20th Nov, 2019. We would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to enjoy parenthood. We are very grateful. Our Best Wishes will always be with the BIRTH family.

Angira Ghosh Chowdhury and Ranojit Ghosh

You gave us a ray of hope Sir. Through your treatment, I have my beautiful daughter, Samayra. She is 2 months and 20 days old now. Thank you so much for your support and guidance. God bless you Sir and your entire team.

Anwesha Anu Dey

I had undergone Laparoscopy on 4th February, 2019 and was pregnant after just two months of that surgery. On 4th February, 2020, our baby boy was born. Thanks to Sir and all doctors and staffs of BIRTH fertility clinic specially Dr Utpala Sen.

Baishakhi Ghatak

BIRTH Fertility Clinic paved the way for our happiness. The effort, the efficiency, worthy suggestions, help, assistance - every single step led to our ray of hope. Hence, we have got our angel, Chitrakshi, our daughter on 14th July, 2017. Thanks Dr Khastgir and Team BIRTH

Chandrima Sarkar

There was a time when I went through severe traumatic experiences of miscarriages but your support and treatment gave us our little one. Thank you very much Sir. Please take my regards and good wishes.

Debarati Lahiri

Sir, hope you, your family and the entire BIRTH family are safe and doing well. By your grace, our baby has completed 6 months. You are like a God to us who gave us the boon of the most wonderful bond i.e. parenthood and brought smile to our faces. We would like to request your blessing for our son "Swastik".

Debjani S Pandit and Subhabrata Pandit

With the help of your magical treatment, I was blessed with a baby girl in 2017. Many thanks to you and Team BIRTH.

Dipanwita Roy

Respected Sir, thanks for everything you have done for us. It was you who gifted us with a daughter. We will surely visit your clinic along with our baby once we come to Kolkata. Thanks and kind regards to you and Team BIRTH.

Dr Swapan sarkar

I would like to express my sincere gratitude and regards to Dr Khastgir and the entire BIRTH team for blessing us with the gift of parenthood.

Ipsita Sen Maji

After multiple miscarriages in the past, we lost all hopes until we came to know about you. You gave us ray of light and hope. Through your treatment, I could deliver my beautiful daughter, Dishanya, that too without any complication. No amount of gratitude will be enough. We will remain forever indebted to you. God bless you and your team Sir.

Isha Sarkar Biswas

Without you, it wouldn’t have been possible for me to have Abir and Arvi - my son and daughter. Abir was born on 4th March, 2015 and Arvi was born on 1st November, 2018. Both are healthy now. Looking forward to my next visit to your clinic with Arvi. Please bless them. I wish nothing but success and good fortune for you and Team BIRTH.

Lopamudra Kundu

Dr Gautam Khastgir is not only a great doctor, he is also a good human being. Actually, my mother was suffering from heavy bleeding problem and some doctor advised her to undergo uterus operation. My mother went to JMD Medicare and consult with Dr Gautam Khastgir. With the help of Dr Gautam Khastgir’s treatment, She is completely OK now without the operation. His treatment procedure is completely different. In 2008, I was suffering from tremendous menstrual pain and I went to BIRTH and met with Dr Khastgir. After his treatment, my endometriosis is now completely cured and I was able to conceive normally. I have a little daughter which was only possible for his unique treatment. I also want to mention Dr Khastgir’s team which is very good. I pray to God for Dr Khastgir’s long life. Congratulations Sir.

Moumita Mukherjee

Thanks to you, I became the mother of my two princesses. I would like to convey my regards and gratitude to you and your team. Looking forward to see you soon.

Mumtaz Begum

After long struggle and hardship, on 29th June, 2019, we were blessed with twin baby girls – Aaradhya and Alisha. You have turned our distant dreams into a reality. Thank you Sir, you are God to me.

Panchali Dutta

I still remember the day when I had my first appointment with Sir in JMD Medicare almost 15 years back. From that very day, we started admiring him for his empathy towards us and his confidence. The way he treated me step by step according to the medical protocols was amazing and as a result, I conceived normally after 9 years of marriage. He is not only an amazing doctor but also a great human being with an ocean of knowledge inside him. His patience and confidence adds to his extraordinary qualification and is the key to his success. He is God not only to me but also to many other women who have got the taste of motherhood only because of him. Till date, whenever I meet him for consultation, I see the same zeal, dedication and passion in him for his patients. May God give him a long life because we all need him. Thank you sir, thank you for being there as a doctor, as a friend and as an elder brother.

Pinki Sarkar Das

Outstanding, world class assistance! I will forever be indebted to Dr Khastgir and Dr Utpala for gifting us with our bundle of joy. Born prematurely at 30 weeks gestation, he is a healthy 6 months old boy now. There were so many ups and downs throughout my pregnancy and Dr Khastgir was definitely a pillar of strength. I haven't seen the Almighty but I have seen him. His right decision at the right time was truly commendable.

Piu Majumdar

Sir I went to your clinic with loads of expectations and hope which you fulfilled with just 2 months of treatment and counselling. We were blessed with our daughter Gini. She is 5 months old now. Gini and I will surely come to meet you. Thank you so so much. I will pray to God for your good health so that you keep on giving the gift of motherhood to mothers like us.

Poushali Roy

Sir, no amount of words are sufficient to express our gratitude towards you. We are ever grateful to you. Please bless our son, Riddhiman Acharyya. My best regards to you and Team BIRTH.

Rajashree Acharyya and Rathindra Acharyya

Thank you Sir for helping me to become a mother. God bless you. I would also like to thank all the staffs of your clinic from the bottom of my heart.

Salina Akter Chy

I became pregnant in 2016, but unfortunately, had a miscarriage during the fourth month. After 12 long years of struggle, I decided to come to India and visit you and by God’s grace, I was pregnant once again and became the mother of my baby boy. You are my lucky charm Sir. I will surely come to India just to meet you and thank you.

Salina Parvin

We did IVF from your BIRTH Fertility Centre in Kolkata last year, we are delighted to give you the good news that our baby boy was born on 28th July at Queens Hospital, London. As you know, we had been trying for this moment since the last 9 years, we can't explain in words how much glad we are now... Many Many thanks for your co-operation and support. It wouldn’t have been possible without you, our baby boy is healthy and very charming, we will come to visit you in Kolkata very soon.

Subarna Saha and Rupashree Dey Roy

I was able to be the father of my child only for you and your excellent team at BIRTH. I bow to you Sir.

Subrata Bhunia

Dr Khastgir sir helped me to conceive and my daughter was born on 21st June, 2018. She is about to become 2 years old now. Thank you Team BIRTH and Dr Khastgir sir.

Sulagna Saha

It was only because of your treatment and support that I was able to conceive after 8 years of my marriage. My son and daughter are the heartbeats of my life, both are 2 months old now. Please bless them Sir.

Tamalika Ghoshal

Sir, with the help of your treatment and guidance, we were blessed with our child. You have completed our life and family. Thank you Team BIRTH and Dr Khastgir.

Tanmoy Chakraborty

Thanks to God, team of Birth Fertility Clinic, Elgin Road and specially Dr Gautam Khastgir Sir & Dr Susama Agarwal Madam for giving us such an unbelievable gift on 08th February, 2020 after more than 10 years of waiting. We got success on the very 1st attempt of IVF.

Tapas Sahoo & Sangita Maiti Sahoo

We are extremely grateful to you Sir. We were blessed with a baby boy on 16th March. This was only possible because of you. You are next to God for us. We will remain forever grateful and indebted to you and team BIRTH.

Amita Roy

Sir, with your blessing and support, on 10th August, we were gifted with our baby boy. It would not have been possible without you. You are a true embodiment of God on earth. Thank you Sir from the bottom of my heart. The entire team of BIRTH is superb. I just could not Thank You enough.

Nikita Guha

Sir, please take my cordial love and regards from Bangladesh. Thanks to Allah, team BIRTH and your magical treatment, we were gifted our baby boy, after ten years of struggle. Our little bundle of joy is one year old now. I would like to thank you and team BIRTH for everything you have done for us.

Ashaduzzaman Shakil

Sir, with the help of your affectionate guidance and treatment, I have become the father of my baby boy. May God bless you and team BIRTH always.

Bipul Mondal

Our wait was over after giving birth to our beautiful daughter and this has been possible only because of you Dr Khastgir. We request you to shower your blessing upon her. I pray to God for your well being

Debleena Gupta

Our twins have completed 5 months today and coincidently on this very day we got to know we were expecting. It all has been possible because of Team BIRTH and you Sir, Dr Khastgir. It is only because of you I am a mother of two kids today.


My baby is already 4 months old and was born on 24 June, 2020 under the care of Dr Pulak Kolay. I will be ever grateful to Dr Gautam Khastgir and the whole team for heloing me bring my baby into this world. The next time I visit Kolkata I will make sure to take the famous sweets of Burdwan for everybody.

Rina Dutta
Mrs Panchali Ghosh
Mrs Roy
Sasanka Banik & Dolon Banik
Mrs Madhumita Kundu
Mrs Indrani Mitra
Mrs Ashima Sen

" We were trying for a long time to conceive but not getting any success. After coming to BIRTH clinic, I was diagnosed with cyst and fibroid. DrKhastgir performed a surgery on me and within a month I became completely fit and fine. "

" I was suffering from premature delivery and my first child was born during my 7 month of pregnancy and could not survive. I have consulted with numerous gynaecologists before coming to BIRTH but got no result. Finally, at BIRTH, with DrKhastgir's magical treatment, I became mother of a healthy baby boy. "

" My husband was suffering from male fertility problems. After several failed attempts elsewhere, we got result within a year of treatment at BIRTH. "

" I was suffering from heavy bleeding problem. A renowned gynaecologist advised me to undergo a surgery to remove the uterus. Unwilling to do so, I went to BIRTH clinic where DrKhastgir treated me with uterine balloon therapy and I am completely healthy now. "

" I lost my 22-year old daughter in 2010. After this tragic incident, I was trying for my 2nd issue. After 2 years of treatment and support at BIRTH, I am 3 months pregnant now. "

" I was suffering from uterine prolapse and I came to know of BIRTH fertility clinic. Under DrGautamKhastgir's supervision, I underwent surgery and now I am completely fine. DrKhastgir is next to God to me. "

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